Meet Kachina Miller

Full-time online graduate student in Maine. Specialized in digital strategy and innovation.

Kachina Miller

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What was your program of study and focus?

Management of Technology, M.S. Online. My focus was in digital strategy and innovation. I really just love the intersection of culture and technology.


What is your dream job and how does this program align with your career goals?

My dream job coming out of this program is really focused on some kind of business transformation. I love leading transformational projects.

Whether that's within you know launching a new customer engagement platform or really focusing on a new collaboration method internally, I really love the idea that you can have a vision, and you can help bring that vision to reality. You learn courses such as economics and strategy of digital platforms and they help a lot.


What was your favorite course or course(s) taken?

My favorite course was economics and strategy of digital platforms, it was just really fascinating to think about these tools that have become such a part of our lives, such as Facebook, or Airbnb, and Uber, and think about how digital platforms have to think about monetization and how do they think about their network effects; and how do they get their first 1000 customers, how do they get to a million customers on their platform, and it was just really fascinating way to approach thinking about tools that we don't really think that much about we just sort of take for granted, and then within that I did a great collaborative project on Etsy and I love Etsy. I'm a customer of Etsy and it was just really fun to think about how they started and how they grew and how their mission to support small artists through the use of a digital platform has really, you know, grown into an amazing business.


How would you describe the online learning experience?

It's been really a great experience. There are lots of resources available to help connect you. There's lots of collaborative course work through many of the courses. We have a Slack channel where we share tips and tricks and stay connected. There are virtual happy hours that I've attended and also there's a broader Community outside of the program which has been really fun to tap into. I'm part of the entrepreneurs at slack channel and I love hearing about the different um you know brave innovators at nyu and sometimes I tend, like the pitch fests and it's just really, really inspiring all of the amazing things that are happening at NYU.