Meet Brooke McBurney

Digital Marketing & Analytics Manager for Thornburg Investment Management in Albuquerque, NM. Interested in the blend of marketing in tech/finance.


Watch Brooke's Program Experience video.



What was your program of study and focus?

Management of Technology, M.S. Online. I'm in the last semester. I'm more aligned with project management. I actually was able to get some roles, while I was in this program.


What is your dream job and how does this program align with your career goals?

I'd say as far as, dream job I want to be upper level management, which I am working in right now.


What are the skills that you have learned through this program?

Some skills that I have learned in this program would include, kind of focusing on the innovation aspect of things. There's a lot of different courses I've taken that have focused on entrepreneurship and creating new ideas which is super important. Especially today, because there's such high concentrations of firms in different areas. So being innovative in any job I think is important because it can make processes more efficient. I also think teamwork has been a really big thing I have kind of sharpened while working in this program, because a lot of times in these courses, you have to work in big group projects that take a lot of time and being able to help manage your team is a really effective way to get things done that reflects and kind of translates into the job I have now… So I'm working with a group of people on an app right now and some of the things I've learned while in the MOT program are to kind of organize deadlines and understand tasks, and make sure to review things a little bit in advance before things are due to make sure that you don't miss anything.


How would you describe the online learning experience?

As an online student it actually worked really well for me because of Covid. Covid hit right when I graduated from undergrad and then I started this program that Fall. So it was really great. I could work full time and also do school full time.