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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to frequently asked questions about the Management of Technology M.S. online program

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Application Process:


If I am admitted to the online Management of Technology Master’s degree program and decide that I would prefer to switch to the on-campus MOT program, is it possible to do so?

You will need to first discuss this with your academic advisor who will then seek approval from the academic department. Pending approval from the Technology Management & Innovation department, you may be able to transfer into the on-campus Management of Technology Master's program.

What is the structure and pace of the program?

The online Management of Technology Master’s degree comprises a total of 12 classes (36 credits).The curriculum is split into 4 parts: students will take 4 preselected courses in the Core Business Skills area, choose 3 courses from the Technology Management Tools elective list, and select 4 additional electives from an array of Knowledge Areas. Finally, students will round out their academic experience with a 3-credit MOT capstone project course. Visit the Management of Technology program page for further details on the courses available through this program.

The schedule depends on the courses you select every semester. Classes will be conducted synchronously and asynchronously and include interactive content. You’ll have additional resources such as forums for active discussions with your peers to support knowledge sharing and teamwork. Professors also host virtual office hours to meet with students online or in-person.

How many credits do I need to take to qualify as a full-time student?

To be considered a full-time student, you must take 9 credits (3 courses) or more per semester. Part-time students are permitted to take 3-6 credits (1-2 courses) per semester.

How long will it take me to complete the Management of Technology Master's?

To complete the Management of Technology program, you will need to finish 36 credits (12 courses). If you attend as a full-time student and take 3 courses per semester, you will complete the program within approximately 2 years. If you attend as a part-time student and take 1 or 2 courses per semester, you will complete the program within approximately 2-3 years. You also have the option to take courses in the summer, although course availability is limited. As stipulated in the university catalog, master's students have 5 years to complete their degree requirements. Please visit NYU Tandon School of Engineering Bulletin for more details.

What are the Knowledge Areas within this program? Can I take courses in more than one area?

We offer four different Knowledge Areas: Cybersecurity Management, Digital Strategies and Innovation, Project Management, and People Analytics. Students are welcome to select courses from various Knowledge Areas to build out their elective curriculum.

About the Program:

Is this Master’s degree program offered entirely online, or can I take a course on campus?

While this program is currently offered in an entirely online format, if you would like to take an on-campus course, you just need an advisor or departmental approval to be registered. While we can’t guarantee acceptance to a specific course, it should in general be very possible to accomplish. Your advisor can help advocate for you in these cases. You will also need to take at least half of the courses in the modality to which you’ve applied (online). Since it’s a 12 course degree, you could take up to six courses online and six on-campus.

What is the difference between an MBA and the Management of Technology degree?

Selecting the right graduate program is a pivotal decision, and the choice
between pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a
Master's in Management of Technology (MOT) hinges on various
factors. Each program serves a distinct purpose, and understanding their
unique benefits can help you align your educational path with your
career objectives.

  • MBA Overview: The MBA provides a broad education in Business. It equips students with versatile skills applicable across various industries. However, its generality does not delve deeply into the specific nuances of tech-driven world.
  • MOT Overview: On the other hand, the MOT offers a balanced approach between business and technology. This program is designed to complement technical expertise with strategic business skills, facilitating the identification of opportunities for technological innovation across industries.
  • Unique Strengths of MOT: The MOT program uniquely positions graduates to bridge the gap between technology and business. By combining technical proficiency with strategic acumen, it empowers individuals to lead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape and uncover new avenues for business innovation.
  • Considerations for Your Decision: Ultimately, the choice between an MBA and an MOT depends on your specific background, current education level, professional interests, and career aspirations. If you aspire to take a leadership role at the intersection of technology and business, the MOT may be the ideal fit.
What is the difference between the Online and On-campus Master’s degree?

There is no significant difference between online and on-campus courses except for the mode of instruction. Our online degree follows the same curriculum and is taught by the same professors as our on-campus courses. The degree is the same and has no mention of the word "online" on the degree diploma.

How much does the program cost?

To calculate the program cost, use the NYU tuition calculator. Please note that this program is 36 credits and each course is usually 3 credits.

When filling out the calculator, use these prompts:

Are you a current student or a prospective student?

  • Prospective student

 Choose a level of enrollment:

  • Graduate

Select a semester:

  • The most current semester listed

Select a school:

  • Tandon School of Engineering

Select a program:

  • General
Does the program offer any financial assistance for potential students?

Industry Partners:
A 20% scholarship is available to our industry partners. Not sure you qualify? You can reach out to

Alumni Scholarship:
Our NYU alumnus qualify for a 20% scholarship to our online graduate programs.

Please note that Industry Partner and Alumni scholarships cannot be combined.

Veteran’s Benefits:
For questions on what veteran benefits NYU accepts along with instructions on how to use your VA benefits, you can visit our For Veterans page.

Are there any upcoming information sessions or seminars I can attend?

To learn more and receive notifications about upcoming online seminars and info-sessions, please visit our Digital Learning events page.

Whom should I contact with additional questions?

Please contact our Digital Learning team at, text JOIN: to 877-642-7883 or call 646.997.3623.