Meet Steven Angulo

Software Engineer at Bixal in NYC. Specialized in cloud security.



Watch Steven's Program Experience video.



What was your program of study?

M.S. in Cybersecurity


What attracted you to this program?

I was attracted to this particular program, one because it was completely remote, and two because of the emerging threats that are coming in the cyber security space. I was interested to learn more about it in addition as you know the world becomes more and more interconnected... I feel that cyber security's role is going to become more prominent, especially now after the pandemic.


Is there any area of the field that you want to specialize in?

I eventually want to specialize in Cyber Engineering. What I really like about this particular program is the ability to have conversations with multiple people from diverse backgrounds and diverse expertise.


At what stage of your career are you in or are you making a complete career change with your degree?

I believe that going forward cryptography and application security are really going to prepare me for hopefully a role in cyber engineering.


How many badges have you successfully completed so far and which ones are they?

I've completed seven badges. I completed Splunk and there's Splunk Foundations one and two, so that's the badges for the Splunk. I've completed all of the C++ and Python badges so there's a Data Structures course for both and then a foundations course. I've also completed the Cyber Sequel Injection badge as well and I think there's one more in there. Once I saw that they were hosted by NYU and that I had the opportunity to really dive into that subject... I took the time and said you know what let's go ahead and do this.



What attracted you or what was your motivation to complete the badge(s) you selected?

These badges one challenged me, but they also informed me. They gave me access to certain tools that through my typical work schedule or my work experience I wouldn't have the ability to use.



Would you recommend any of the badge(s) to future students and why?

I recommend if you have a chance do it. My advice is to be completely open to what you want to learn. Be completely open to listening to feedback. Find out where your weaknesses are, and just work on them and just keep trying... Make sure that you're really putting yourself ahead as much as you can and that you're leaning into your natural strengths.