Meet Raymond Sakoe

Application Security Engineer in Stratford, CT. Specializes in Application Security and Penetration testing.


Watch Raymond's Program Expierience video.


What was your program of study?

Cybersecurity, M.S. - NYU Cyber Fellows


What attracted you to this program?

I was in the military and that was the form of I guess warfare that interested me, but in this new age cyber security is now the new warfare so I decided to enter into cyber security, and then the second thing was the scholarship that was given for that specific program.


What aspect of the program do you or did you enjoy the most?

The program is specific to cyber security and networking in general, so I love every single aspect of the program.


Is there any area of the field that you want to specialize in?

The program that I would like to learn more or specialize in is the application security.


How many badges have you successfully completed so far and which ones are they?

I completed Qualys. I completed Splunk. I completed ZScaler. I completed Check Point, and Immersive Labs.



What attracted you or what was your motivation to complete the badge(s) you selected?

My motivation is to to gain industry specific skill sets. So, when it comes to education you get the general broad education, but if you want to drill into specific industry you have to know the vendors or the platform that those specific company uses.



How do you anticipate the badge(s) will impact your career in the long run?

I've successfully gained employment as a cyber security specialist. It's actually one of the badge partners that I was able to gain employment.



Would you recommend any of the badge(s) to future students and why?

I recommend all the badges that is being offered at NYU to all these future students that are coming in. So, one advice that I have is keep learning. Keep gaining those badges, and also make sure you showcase those badges on LinkedIn and your social media profiles.