Meet Maria Fanelle

Networking and Security Engineer at MITRE in Boston, MA. Specializes in automating infrastructure compliance as well as cloud engineering.



Watch Maria's Program Expierience video.


What was your program of study?

Cybersecurity, M.S. - NYU Cyber Fellows


What attracted you to this program?

What attracted me to the program was I was transitioning my career into a technical one and I needed a lot of background information, and NYU is offering like a specialized program so you can learn about cyber security in-depth from a graduate program; which is really helpful in industry, because you're covering basically the same computer science topics but with an emphasis on security.


Why did you choose to study online at NYU Tandon School of Engineering?

As an online student it's really helpful because you don't have to be in person at NYU and commute to and from school.


What aspect of the program do you or did you enjoy the most?

When we have group events, I get to meet other people in the program who I've interacted with in the classes and actually get to solve problems with them.


How many badges have you successfully completed so far and which ones are they?

I did the first Splunk one, and all the Checkpoint badges.



How do you anticipate the badge(s) will impact your career in the long run?

As far as the badges are concerned the Splunk one was really helpful for responding to incidents that happen in production. I think they help my performance in general at my job. So I can do tasks that I couldn't do before... People would have to spend extra time training outside of their job to do that...



Would you recommend any of the badge(s) to future students and why?

Definitely, do immersive labs! I feel like that's really good when you're starting out in security and there's a lot of different types of problems you can look into. Definitely, Splunk if you're doing anything with I would say even development, because I work in development. Incident response is an obvious one if there's any badges you see your company using like a certain type of security check... I see things in my builds at work. If there's like a corporate sponsor that's willing to offer training in that I would take advantage of that particular badge.