Meet Diana Xu

Sales Systems Analyst in Atlanta, GA. Interested in digital forensics and incident response (DFIR).


Watch Diana's Program Expierience video.


What was your program of study?

Cybersecurity, M.S. - NYU Cyber Fellows


What attracted you to this program?

I was attracted to the program because I'm pretty interested in cyber security. I think it's a very relevant and important area and also the NYU Cyber Fellows program gives a big discount on the tuition rates.


What aspect of the program do you or did you enjoy the most?

One of the areas I like the most about the program is that a lot of the courses are asynchronous so if you are working full-time like I am then it's very easy for you to keep up with your studies in addition to working. I think that the program itself has a lot of people who are... in different backgrounds so not traditionally computer science... It's nice to meet people from different backgrounds who are also interested in the same topic that you are.


At what stage of your career are you in or are you making a complete career change with your degree?

I'm currently in an unrelated area but I would like to eventually go into cyber security so this program is a good opportunity for me to make that career transition.


How many badges have you successfully completed so far and which ones are they?

I've completed five badges so far and I think the Immersive Labs one was my favorite, because it has a lot of simulations where you can solve problems and then explore more areas of cyber security. So far I've completed the Public Cloud Security Technologies badge with CityhubDigital, Battle Fortress of RangeForce, Cyber Resilience with Wavestone, Digital Cyber Academy with Immersive Labs, and Splunk Fundamentals I and II.


What attracted you or what was your motivation to complete the badge(s) you selected?

The badges are definitely a good introduction to the different technologies that are used in cyber security, so no matter what field you're going to end up in, I think it's useful in the long run to just understand how different technologies work and some of the basic concepts related to cyber security.

For some of the badges I used them as preparations for upcoming classes.