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ISACA Student Benefits

ISACA is dedicated to lifetime learning and career progression for their global community of IS/IT professionals. They strive to inspire and enable innovation through technology, helping create transformative enterprises.

Isaca CSX-P Certification Bundle

ISACA is providing NYU Tandon Digital Learning students with two exclusive benefits from their collection of resources, products, networking tools and more! By using the discount codes provided, you have the opportunity to get a free one year membership to ISACA as well as 40% off all of their products.  

To get started, create your myISACA account by visiting

ISACA® Membership Voucher Code

Tandon students are eligible for a free one-year student membership. To register visit the ISACA Student Membership webpage. While completing the membership registration process, you will need to attach a Student Status Letter in the education section. At checkout, use this discount code.

Upon completing the registration transaction, you are provided with a one-year free student membership. This will allow you to utilize their member resources, additional product discounts, networking tools, and the job board.

ISACA® Products — Student Discount

NYU Tandon students can apply the voucher code to receive 40% off any and all of ISACA's products (online review courses, digital study guides, labs, exams).

Apply the voucher in the “discount code” section during checkout on the ISACA online store. Students need to be logged in to your MyISACA account (or create one if new to the site). The voucher will expire 06/30/24 and can be used by each user once per product.

Once checked out with the code, locate the Study Guide eBook in the “Resources” section of your MyISACA account, and Online Review Course & Labs in the “Learning Access” section of your MyISACA account.

Exam Information

Once the exam is purchased, use the attached Exam Guide to help prepare. Exams are proctored through PSI. The PSI website will be another helpful resource for students to review prior to scheduling and taking their exam. Register for the exam as soon as possible, especially if there is a specific exam window for a course. 


For more information visit