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Cyber Resilience

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The concept of cyber resilience stems from historical information security fundamentals, namely Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery. For the last decade, many organizations have adopted the reactive approach to cyber incidents by developing their Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs); however, new cyber threats in the recent years have shown that these plans are not enough. Consequently, company leaders (i.e. CISOs and CIOs) are rethinking the information system (IS) designs to avoid major potential impacts from cyber-attacks and thus proactively improve the resiliency of their IS.

In the Wavestone Cyber Resilience workshop, cybersecurity experts will provide:

  • An understanding of the context and importance of cyber resilience
  • A framework for improving cyber resilience
  • Concrete examples to maximize the ability to work under attack, minimize the vulnerabilities against attacks, and improve the recovery speed

Upon completion of this workshop, badge earners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking within the framework presented
  • Articulate and simplify cybersecurity concepts
  • Pitch cyber resilience and relevant cybersecurity initiatives to business leaders

Complete the Cyber Resilience Badge

Access the Workshop & Assessment on the Tandon Online Student Hub via NYU Classes.

To earn the Cyber Resilience badge:

  1. View the recorded workshop.
  2. Complete the post-workshop assessment.

Approximate Time to Complete Badge: 2-3 Hours

To complete the badge, no prerequisite experience required. A basic understanding of crisis management is a plus.