Qualys | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Qualys provides students with the opportunity to complete its Vulnerability Management E-Course and Cloud Agent E-Course. In these courses, students will learn to use the Qualys Vulnerability Management Solution to detect and protect against attacks.

With these labs, students get hands-on experience to take back to their daily work with vulnerability management. Students will also be introduced to the transferable framework, the vulnerability management life cycle, which they can apply no matter what vulnerability management tool their company utilizes.

At the completion of these e-courses, students will:

  • Practice and master the vulnerability management life cycle.
  • Learn best practices for agent-based and scanner-based vulnerability analyses.

The technical skills students will acquire and demonstrate include:

  • Developing knowledge base & search lists
  • Applying vulnerability assessment
  • Managing asset inventory
  • Implementing threat protection
  • Implementing threat remediation
  • Utilizing Cloud Agent Lifecycle and Configuration

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Approximate time to Complete Badge: 14 Hours

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To complete the labs, students need a basic understanding of:

  • Windows/Linux
  • Vulnerability management life cycle

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For more information about Qualys, please visit www.qualys.com.