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Immersive Labs

Digital Cyber Academy

Immersive Labs is a cyber skills development platform. Using scenario-driven games, real-time threat intelligence, and current cyber frameworks, it immerses students in challenges with the goal of developing skills that reduce cyber risk. 

Immersive Labs

No matter whether a cyber newcomer or a seasoned pro, Immersive labs provides an opportunity to learn and practice all the skills required for a role in cyber security.


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Students and alumni can sign-up for an account with Immersive Labs using their email address.

Digital Cyber Academy Badge

The learning is split into digestible, engaging labs that are either theory based or practical.

  • Theory labs provide information and resources and typically include interactive quizzes or mini-games.
  • Practical labs equip the learner with a virtual environment and the tools required to complete real-world challenges.

The Labs’ objectives are mapped to industry-leading frameworks, including NICE Framework and MITRE ATT&CK™, and align with specific skills and job roles. Industry professionals dictate the learning priorities and address any skill gaps.

The technical skills badge earners will acquire and demonstrate include:

  • Exploring the investigative techniques necessary to protect privacy and security online
  • Discovering operating system concepts which are important to cyber security professionals
  • Iterating networking concepts which are important to cyber security professionals.

To earn this badge:

  1. Complete Digital Cyber Academy labs to earn a total of 17,625 points.