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ProctorU is a service that allows students to complete their tests and exams anywhere in the world while ensuring the academic integrity of the exam for the institution. Using almost any webcam and computer, you can take exams at home, at work, or anywhere you have internet access.

Do I qualify?

Should you reside in one of the following Proctor Restricted States, you may qualify for an alternative testing option. Should this apply to you, please contact with a copy to

What equipment is needed?

  • Webcam
  • Speakers and Microphone (or USB Headset)
  • Internet Connection

Test Your Equipment

How it works:

ProctorU allows you to take your exam on demand or by appointment. All appointments should be made at least 3 days in advance. Reservations made within 72 hours of your exam are subject to a $5 late reservation fee. Students without an appointment can take their exam on demand for an additional fee of $8.75 utilizing the “Take it Now” feature. Late registration and “Take it Now” are subject to availability.

Watch How it Works and What to Expect Videos

Once you confirm that your exam will be proctored online, you will need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Confirm the timeframe of your exam specified by your professor.
  3. Once the timeframe is confirmed, book an appointment with ProctorU.
  4. Before you begin, please download and install either the Chrome or Firefox ProctorU extension: Chrome or Firefox
  5. At your appointment time, log-in to ProctorU and select start session.
  6. You will be prompted with a welcome screen and be guided through the automated computer check, identity verification process and will be required to accept the exam guidelines.
  7. Your browser will prompt you to share your screen. You will need to show a photo ID and take a short "public record" quiz to confirm your identity. International students will be required to provide a second photo ID.
  8. You will begin your exam and as you complete it, your proctor will watch you.
  9. Once done, you submit and save your exam.

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