Where unconventional engineers intersect | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Where unconventional engineers intersect

We're collaborating to build a safer, healthier, more sustainable world.

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NYU Tandon is home to unconventional engineers — a vibrant group of researchers, students, technologists, and innovators working at the intersections of vital fields to engineer creative and smart, connected and secure, sustainable and healthy urban communities. 


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Surfer riding a wave next to a superimposed cell phone.
We make water and the web so safe, you can surf them

Tandon researchers are creating new ways to detect waterborne pathogens and hyperlocal flooding, and develop security frameworks used by Amazon, Microsoft, Google and more to protect routine software updates — including those for your car — from hackers.


Face with lines drawn over it in front of a brain scan.
We protect you by finding hidden truths in images

NYU Tandon researchers are at the forefront of identifying anomalies in our bodies and social feeds — including novel image analysis techniques for early breast cancer and autism detection, and new methods of deterring deepfakes.


Pixelated man standing in front of computer files and folders.
We fight for data transparency

NYU Tandon researchers with Cybersecurity for Democracy and the Center for Responsible AI provide greater transparency into how data can influence behavior — including how election and vaccine misinformation spreads and how AI impacts the hiring process.


Text with diseases such as SARS and COVID highlighted in red.
We use data to stop viral threats

NYU Tandon researchers have found that GitHub's new AI programming assistant, Copilot, crafted code that included flaws exploitable by an attacker 40% of the time, that misinformation gets 6x greater engagement on social media than factual news, and that a COVID vaccination rate of at least 1% population per day would support safe, rapid reopening.


Hand and heart made with data.
We make models that save lives

NYU Tandon researchers employ machine learning models, structural modeling, and public health & civil engineering expertise to improve treatment of cardiovascular disease and strategize solutions for how vulnerable communities can better respond to natural disasters.


Robot running a relay race
We make robotics a team sport

A growing team of NYU Tandon Robotics researchers are working together across mechatronics, AI, wireless, biomedical engineering and more. Continued innovation in robotics research and teaching is leading to advances in healthcare, transportation, logistics, and affordable, open-source platforms.


Hand holding a phone with a digital city emerging from it.
We build accountable physical and meta-worlds

NYU Tandon engineers are making real cities more accountable for and capable of better response to storms, floods, and other disasters by making underground infrastructure data more interoperable across businesses and city agencies — while also calling for accountability and creating tools to deter stalking and harassment in digital worlds.


brain on computer chip
We make big strides in big data

Tandon researchers Anna Choromanska and Christopher Musco have joined the over 50% of NYU Tandon’s junior faculty members who hold National Science Foundation CAREER Awards or similar honors. Both are creating less resource-intensive, more scalable deep learning (DL) approaches that enable broader application.


robotic arm holding a heart
We power students through new terrain

More than 30 hands-on Vertically Integrated Projects enable our students to work on large-scale projects that span low-cost biomedical devices, robotics, rocketry, motor vehicle development and much more. Teams work in our 10,000 square foot MakerSpace and gain valuable business, innovation and collaboration experience to take into the workplace.


Glass of water with a city skyline in it.
We make water safer for New Yorkers

Tandon researchers are combining data science, computer science, and civil engineering to make New Yorkers safer. Together with other local universities and the city, researchers are advancing the detection of waterborne pathogens in wastewater, including Covid-19, and deploying sensors to determine the risks and impact of hyperlocal flooding.


Panel of doctors on a computer screen.
We create convenient access to health

Tandon researchers are collaborating across schools and disciplines to reimagine the way that new inclusive healthcare technologies, including telehealth and AI, are put to work—while also studying disparities in telehealth access to pave the way for more equitable care.


Hand dropping a cube of spirulina into a smokestack.
We make plants greener

Researchers at a new Tandon-founded center for decarbonizing industrial manufacturing are creating sustainable processes for making everyday goods. In other decarbonizing efforts, Tandon alumni founded We Are the New Farmers to grow Spirulina, a nutritional powerhouse that requires 19x less CO2 to produce the same amount of protein compared to beef.





Animated rocket ship.

We do not “stay in our lanes.”

The world faces complex and unpredictable issues, so we break through traditional department and school lines to form unexpected collaborations. We work together to tackle complicated problems from multiple angles. We invite companies, nonprofits, and government into our classrooms, centers and labs to shape research and curriculum.



Computer with a needle on it.

We move the needle on current issues.

Being in the fastest-growing technology hub in the country gives us daily motivation to improve our cities and the lives of the people in them. Over the last year, our faculty, students, and alumni have made hiring more fair, software safer from hackers, misinformation harder to spread, manufacturing more sustainable, cities more connected, and cancer easier to treat — and those are just select examples.



We are born anywhere, made in Brooklyn.

We empower the people in our community, who come from around the world and down the block, to make their own American Dream possible with access to state-of-the-art facilities, NYU’s global campus network, and the entirety of New York City as a living urban lab.



We engineer for equality.

We’re building a culture as varied as the world we live in. We believe the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff is essential to excellence and innovation, and that we have a responsibility to create tools and systems that are more than just technically sound, but that are ethical, equitable and accessible for all.



Join us in building healthy & sustainable, creative & smart, connected & secure global urban communities.