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We Thank...

The process of writing this strategic plan was one that brought us together to question and dream. It is now up to all of the Tandon community to make this dream become a reality.  


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We thank all Tandon students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Tandon, the entire NYU community, and in particular, the following individuals for their efforts:

Tandon Leadership Team

Kurt Becker, Juan Bello, Victoria Bill, Pat Bowers, Jack Bingardner, Peter Carr, Mary Cowman, Kristen Day, Elizabeth Ensweiler, Ben Esner, Anita Farrington, Karine Frederique-Loriot, Lorcan Folan, Guido Gerig, Magued Iskander, Ramesh Karri, Sunil Kumar, Cindy Lewis, Sayar Lonial, Beth Simone Noveck, Kaan Ozbay, Shivendra Panwar, David Pine, William Raisch, Theodore Rappaport, Keith Ross, Stephen Sagner, Ivan Selesnick,  Jonathan Soffer, Allison Taylor, Richard Thorsen, Peter Voltz, Yao Wang

Tandon Board

Chandrika Tandon (Chair), Steve Cohen, Gary Cohn, Anthony Concolino, Cybele Raver, John Frankel, James Hahn, Charles Hinkaty, Tal Kerret, Charles Klein, Mark Leslie, Alexander Lurye, Jeffrey Lynford, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Ravinder Sajwan, Ramesh Srinivasan, Joseph Steinberg, Ranjan Tandon (Ex officio), Daniel Tisch, Phil Venables, Fred Wilson