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Next Steps...

To become one of the top engineering schools, we will embark on our strategic plan with a focus on a handful of bold ideas.

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Imagine if.....

New York City were the city in the world where the elderly and disabled could lead full lives thanks to wearable devices for situational and obstacle awareness, personal health monitoring, communications with physicians and personalized medicine. Imagine if 6G became a reality and enabled us to sense air quality, gas and explosive detection, “see” in the dark and around the corners. Imagine if we could authenticate the news, identifying deep fakes before they were widely disseminated and ensuring the integrity of the images we see online. Imagine a secure supply chain that uses verifiable chips to prove the integrity of execution. Imagine a zero-waste food industry where the byproduct of one item becomes the foundational ingredient of another; or a manufacturing industry that creates synthetic materials with no environmental footprint, in smaller and more efficient warehouses that employ swarms of AI controlled robots that reduce the need for large scale equipment. Imagine if AI could reduce the number of Medicare claims that contain errors from 50% to 0%, saving the US billions; or help even the least savvy of us invest our money smartly. Imagine a world where cars ran entirely on renewable energy and could charge while in motion. Imagine if we could communicate with anyone in real time, regardless of the language or communication barriers that may exist.


Research moonshots

In engineering the future, we will choose and seed two to three ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking global challenges with the goal of fueling engineering breakthroughs in areas such as urban, 6G, cybersecurity, data science/AI/robotics, health, sustainability and emerging media.

We will need the best and brightest Ph.D. students. We will create strategies for creating and recruiting a pool of top applicants with the goal of growing our Ph.D. student population to 500. We will revamp our Ph.D. programs to provide mentorship and professional development to all Ph.D. students and will significantly expand Ph.D. financial support.

We will need committed and engaged industrial partners. We will develop deep, long-lasting partnerships with a few key industry leaders and partner with them on research endeavors, internship and career readiness opportunities for students and for use of Tandon Bridges for up-skilling and re-skilling within their organizations. 


Education reimagined

We will rethink our engineer of tomorrow and overhaul our undergraduate curriculum, adding flexibility and ensuring we provide 21st-century technology education. We will make Tandon the place for transformative lifelong learning through our bridging programs, which will provide K–12 STEM education bridging middle-school to high-school and high school to Tandon undergrad and beyond.

We will create a Global Leaders and Scholars in STEM Program that will identify, convene and support promising undergraduate students with the potential to become future leaders in technology, research, entrepreneurship and innovation. This cohort of students will receive specialized seminars, cohort-building activities, travel to NYU global sites, enhanced opportunities for internships, senior project/thesis in the final year and participation in the TGL alumni network.

We will leverage Tandon Online and NYU Global to innovate and reimagine master's degree programs that ensure Tandon's students are equipped with the most industry desired skills and knowledge.

We will build a world-class Tandon Career Services Center that will offer high-value career services by engaging our recruiters as partners in our student development, career success and curricular development. We will provide personalized one-on-one coaching and mentoring services and strive for 100% placement of our students.