NYU Investing $1 Billion in Tandon | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

NYU Investing $1 Billion in Tandon

NYU purchases 3 MetroTech Center as part of long-term investment in engineering

Senior University and School leadership, elected officials, and friends of Tandon with sign saying "NYU invests $1B in engineering"

The weather on November 30, 2022, was gray and rainy, but inside 3 MetroTech, the mood — and Tandon’s future — couldn’t have been brighter.

Inside the building, adjacent to Tandon’s existing facilities, city dignitaries, civic leaders, and members of the NYU community gathered to hear a revelatory announcement from NYU President Andrew Hamilton: the University was making an unprecedented show of faith in the power of engineering — along with a long-term investment of $1 billion.

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The Announcement

NYU’s investment comprises $600 million in previous funding with additional future funding of $400 million that will allow for the purchase of the 350,000-square-foot building known as 3 MetroTech; new interdisciplinary lab and research spaces for robotics, biomedical engineering, chemical & biomolecular engineering, and nanofabrication, among other areas; and the hiring of 40 new tenure-track faculty members. 

However, no speaker at the November 30 event dwelled simply on hard figures: the focus was on Tandon’s long track record of innovation and accomplishment, the ability of engineers to solve pressing societal problems, and the vast possibilities for the future. Speaker after speaker stressed how important NYU and the School of Engineering have been to the city’s tech sector, the economic impact they have made, and the culture of innovation they have encouraged — and expressed confidence that the new investment would serve to boost that impact even further. 

The Speakers

[This investment] will allow us to continue to fuel groundbreaking research.... It will support critical interdisciplinary collaborations to enhance society and affect and improve the world in areas like secure wireless networks and supply chains, health engineering, and sustainable engineering.”

Andrew Hamilton, President of New York University

Today we look towards a future in which not only do we have a strong foundation to stand upon but a substantial commitment from the largest private research institutions in the country.... As excited as I am to stand in this new building, I’m even more excited to think about the people who will occupy it, the new discoveries that will emulate from it, and the new intellectual, economic, and experiential work that will ripple from our home in Downtown Brooklyn, across the Brooklyn Innovation Coastline, and throughout New York City and beyond.”

Jelena Kovačević, NYU Tandon Dean

There are global problems, but every problem has a solution, and a can-do attitude is part of our DNA.” 

Chandrika Tandon, NYU Trustee

Engineering underpins so much of what the New York City economy will look like ... engineering actually fuels the future of our city’s economy.”

— Cecilia Kushner, New York City Economic Development Corporation, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

I want NYU to continue to grow! The problem-solving skills we need in this borough, this city, and this world are immense and significant. Our times are changing exponentially, and [engineering] isn’t about building a faster car–it’s about saving the lives of future generations.”

Antonio Reynoso, Brooklyn Borough President

We are all NYUers today — a great day for Brooklyn and New York City. Downtown Brooklyn has long been a hub of higher education and innovation, and today we’re expanding on that. ... Tandon is where opportunity begins and we will support you every step of the way!”

—  Lincoln Restler, NYC Council Member

The expansion of NYU Tandon is an exciting investment in education, engineering, and the future economic development of Downtown Brooklyn. The ability of higher education institutions to create a skilled workforce ensures that New York City will continue to be a leader across all sectors, bringing about new industry growth and new businesses.”

— Andrew Kimball, New York City Economic Development Corporation, President and CEO

Congratulations to NYU Tandon on their new facility and investment which will expand their engineering program. We are fortunate to have this premier academic institution conducting groundbreaking research and engineering right here in Downtown Brooklyn. Not only will this investment bring new jobs to the area, but it will help NYU tackle complex global problems from climate change to public health issues to cybersecurity.”

 Jo Anne Simon, Assemblymember

I applaud NYU for their newest investment in Brooklyn with their purchase of 3 MetroTech Center and their groundbreaking $1 billion allocation into advancing the field of engineering. This expansion of NYU Tandon's engineering programs will both boost our borough's economy and provide further opportunities for students to enjoy all Brooklyn has to offer, and I look forward to working alongside President Hamilton to welcome this expansion to NYU Tandon's Downtown Brooklyn campus."

Andrew Gounardes, New York State Senator

We applaud NYU’s continued and significant investment in NYU Tandon School of Engineering - signifying Downtown Brooklyn as an important NYU campus and as a center for education, innovation, and research of global significance. Downtown Brooklyn has experienced record employment and industry growth in recent years, and NYU Tandon, in particular, fosters strong industry partnerships that benefit local businesses and produce a talented, prepared, and tech-savvy workforce. We look forward to continuing our work with NYU to create an even greater hub of entrepreneurship and innovation.”

— Regina Myer, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, President

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce applauds New York University’s extraordinary investment in expanding the NYU Tandon campus in Downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn has become the creative engine for NYC’s economy, and investments that expand capacity in the many fields of engineering that NYU Tandon specializes in will create unprecedented opportunities for students, faculty, and the research community.”

— Randy Peers, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO

National Grid has a long-standing partnership with NYU Tandon in pursuit of expanding STEM education and advancing innovative and sustainable green technologies.  The University’s growth will offer opportunities to bring together diverse engineering minds to advance a fair and equitable energy transition for all.  As we continue to advance the clean energy future it is critical to scale a diverse workforce and we’re committed to providing opportunities to train and equip individuals with the skills they need to succeed.”

— Rudy Wynter, National Grid, NY, President

We congratulate NYU Tandon on its ongoing investment and expansion at Brooklyn Commons, a diverse and vibrant campus now undergoing an exciting revitalization effort solidifying its place as the center of Downtown Brooklyn. We look forward to continuing to work with NYU and all local stakeholders to support a thriving Downtown community for world-class education, business, and culture.”

— Callie Haines, Brookfield Properties, Executive Vice President