2007-2008 Winners | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

2007-2008 Winners


Graduate Division Winners

Ozgu Alay — Next Generation Battery Charger for Mobile Devices
Winning idea: Recycle kinetic energy produced by the movement of our body, heat energy resulting from body heat, and the heat generated by different sources in our surroundings to charge batteries of mobile devices.
Altaf Hajiyani — Investing in India
Winning idea: Develop a web site that provides news and expert analysis and a structured way for people from around the globe to directly invest in India’s growing economy.

Undergraduate Division Winners

Samir Ajmera, Christopher LoBello & Aung Thant — Carbon Nanotube for Hydrogen Storage
Winning idea: Use specially-designed carbon nanotubes coated with titanium to store hydrogen. The invention, which the team has a provisional patent on, is a solution to many of the problems of storing hydrogen in a gas form to fuel such things as hydrogen cars.