Research Areas

Many of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s research projects are housed under our two esteemed research centers: the Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications and Distributed Information Systems (CATT) and NYU WIRELESS.

Current research activities in the department are organized into five major areas. Please visit the homepage of the faculty members to see more detailed descriptions of research labs and individual projects in each area.

Communications, Networking, and Signal Processing

Core Faculty: Jonathan Chao, Elza Erkip, Yong Liu, I-Tai Lu, Shivendra Panwar, Unnikrishna Pillai, Sundeep Rangan, Theodore S. Rappaport, Peter Voltz, Ivan W. Selesnick, Yao Wang, Zhong-Ping Jiang, Quanyan Zhu

Systems, Control and Robotics

Core Faculty: Zhong-Ping Jiang, Farshad Khorrami, Quanyan Zhu

Energy Systems and Power Electronics

Core Faculty: Zivan Zabar, Farshad Khorrami, Zhong-Ping Jiang, Francisco de Leon, Dariusz Czarkowski, Quanyan Zhu

Electromagnetics and Analog/RF/Biomedical Circuits

Core Faculty: Jonathan Chao, Jonathan Viventi, Theodore S. Rappaport, I-Tai Lu, Spencer Szu-pin Kuo, Francisco de Leon, Nirod K. Das

Computer Engineering and VLSI

Core Faculty: Jonathan Chao, Jonathan Viventi, Ramesh Karri


Director: Shivendra Panwar
Web Site:

The Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications and Distributed Information Systems (CATT) promotes industry-university collaborative research and development. Our mission, guided by the mission of our funding agency, is to create economic impact through research, technology transfer, and faculty entrepreneurship. The CATT is sponsored by the New York State’s Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR). Located at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering (School of Engineering), long-recognized as one of the best engineering schools in the country, the center draws on the expertise of over 50 researchers. Our team consists of leaders in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. In addition to the School of Engineering faculty, the center also draws on the expertise of key researchers at Columbia University and New York University.


Director: Theodore S. Rappaport

The world's first academic research center combining Wireless, Computing, and Medical Applications

NYU and the School of Engineering launched NYU WIRELESS in 2012, and the center has grown rapidly. Today, the center involves over 15 faculty members and 100 graduate students from the School of Engineering, Courant Institute, and the NYU School of Medicine.  The center is interdisciplinary and has a strong core funding base from large interdisciplinary federal research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH). NYU WIRELESS also has strong support from an active group of corporate sponsors who leverage the federal support of the center. Using an Industrial Affiliates model, the center enjoys a very strong and active series of engagements with a group of major corporations who participate with the center through the NYU WIRELESS Industrial Affiliates program. Our Industrial Affiliate sponsors are deeply involved with the research activities in the center, and in the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students for co-op and full time employment.  The students and faculty members of NYU WIRELESS work in state-of-the art laboratories and offices, and are making pioneering contributions in the fields of wireless communications, devices, and networking, distributed computing and data centers, database construction and data mining, and patient care for the hospital of the future. For more information about NYU WIRELESS, please visit