2011 Selection Results

Dear 2011 SMARTER Project Applicants:

SMARTER selection committee has now completed the review of all applications submitted for the 2011 cycle. We received many applications from highly qualified teachers from the five boroughs of New York, Long Island, and New Jersey. The 10 finalists selected for the 2011 summer research program have been notified of the committee's decision by email and regular mail. The finalists are requested to complete and return a signed statement indicating their intent to participate in the 2011 SMARTER program (a copy of the statement has been sent to the finalists).

Thank you all for your time and effort in putting together competitive application packages.
Prof. Kapila

First Name Last Name Email
Jeffrey S. Bernhardt jbernhardt@lynbrook.k12.ny.us
Ryan Cain mrcainscience@gmail.com
Rebecca R. Cruz rebeccacruz@yahoo.com
Mangapathi Rao Donthini m_donthini@yahoo.com
Seth Guinals-Kupperman sguinals@schools.nyc.gov
Russell Holstein mrh318@gmail.com
Mingyu Li mli22@schools.nyc.gov
Hilary Garnet Mallar mallar@bxscience.edu
Lindrick Outerbridge louterbridge@gmail.com
Noam Pillischer pilliscn@gmail.com