Useful Material

Assessing Elementary School Students' Conceptions of Engineering and Technology

Christine M. Cunningham, Cathy Lachapelle, Anna Lindgren-Streicher

Draw an Engineer Test (DAET): Development of a Tool to Investigate Students' Ideas about Engineers and Engineering

Meredith Knight, Christine Cunningham

Engineering Alphabet

ASME International

An Engineering Design Curriculum for the Elementary Grades

Richard H. Crawford, Kristin L. Wood, Marilyn L. Fowler, Jeffery L. Norrel

Assessment Report for Engineering is Elementary

Dr. Christine M. Cunningham

Great Achievements in Mechanical Engineering

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Investigating the long-term impact of an Engineering-based GK-12 program on students' perceptions of Engineering

Jed Lyons, Stephen Thompson

A Hydraulic Circuits Laboratory - To Improve Student Understanding of Basic Electricity

R. William Graff, Paul Leiffer, Jessica Niemi, Meagan Vaughan

What is an Engineer? What is a Scientist?

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Pick an Engineering Major