Principle Disciplines

The principal disciplines impacted by this project are: Science, math, engineering, and technology. Specifically, AMPS/CBRI takes advantage of students' fascination with robots, by using this as a hook, to stimulate them to learn about STEM disciplines. Since mechatronics and robotics are inherently multidisciplinary topics, the AMPS/CBRI Fellows are developing, adapting, and incorporating mechatronics and robotics activities into different subject areas such as Science, Math, Technology, Computers, and Robotics. The project offers numerous opportunities to introduce technology and engineering design principles to students.

AMPS/CBRI Fellows, in partnership with teachers, engage, mentor, and challenge students through robotics and engineering activities, culminating in student's participation in a city-wide robotics competition. These activities, organized around the FLL Robotics competition, enable students to learn and demonstrate teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving skills through the application of science and math to robot design and robot building challenges. Finally, the program provides numerous opportunities to students to develop and practice reading and writing, presentation skills, and scientific research methodology.