Useful Links

Intro to Engineering

Introduction to engineering and what engineers do?

An Introduction to Mechanical Engineers and What They Do?

Civil engineering (Function scope and accomplishments)

Introduction to Electrical engineering and What does an electrical engineer do?

Intro to Mechanical Engineering

Top ten achievements of mechanical engineering

Types of motions

Basic mechanics and machine parts

Basic mechanical elements

Work, power, moment, torque, buoyancy etc

Newton's Laws of motion's_laws_of_motion

Intro to Electricity and Electronics

Intro to Mechatronics

Intro to Sensors and Actuators

Intro to Robotics

Mechatronics in K-12

Other Links

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition, available for free reading on line at:

How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom, available for free reading on line at:

Engineering in K 12 Education: Understanding the Status and Improving the Prospects

Media Consent Forms

Consent to photograph, film, or videotape a student for non-profit use (e.g.: educational, public service or health awareness purposes)

Logos, Colors & Style Guide

Identity Style Guide - a one-stop shop for you to download the Polytechnic Institute of NYU logo, tagline, guide on how to use the logo and color palette specs.

Download NYU-Poly logo

Download AMPS text logo

Download CBRI text logo

Download AMPS-CBRI website banner

Free Robot Simulation Software

"Golems" is a 3D physics sandbox with a focus on machinery and robotics. It is free and fairly easy to use. One can test various configurations for FTC robots with it.

AMPS Promotional Material

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@ Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Mechatronics @ Poly

Revitalizing Achievement by using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE)

Science and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers (SMART)

Teaching STEM with Robotics (DRK-12)

Summer Mechatronics Institute for Teachers (SUMMIT)

Summer Workshop in Instrumentation, Sensors and Engineering (WISE)

Real-Time Mechatronics/Process Control Laboratory

Web-Enabled Mechatronics/Process Control Remote Laboratory (MPCRL)