Project AMPS involves several collaborators, in addition to the New York City Department of Education.NYU-Poly's David Packard Center for Technology and Educational Alliances, which provides outreach to the pre-college community and a great deal of professional development for teachers of science, mathematics and various forms of technology, is a key collaborator. The Packard Center also provides middle and high school students with opportunities to participate in civil engineering and robotics competitions.


An NSF-funded project called SMART "Science and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers" is another collaborating partner. Under the SMART project, led by Prof. Kapila, ten teachers/year are selected to engage in mechatronics oriented research in teams. AMPS and SMART projects are developing synergistic activities by allowing the AMPS Fellows to use mechatronics-based science projects, developed under the SMART project, in their own activities. The training and research activities developed for the SMART project are appropriately adapted for the AMPS project and vice-versa.


Mr. Kevin Hervas, NYU-Poly's Senior Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, has provided significant support to the project. Specifically, in collaboration with the project team, Mr. Hervas was instrumental in seeking and winning the support of Motorola. Finally, the university has provided a 500sqft. laboratory/office complex for the AMPS Fellows.