Raymond LegrandRaymond LeGrand

MS. (1st year), Mechanical Engineering

Year in graduate program: 1st year
Research Topic:Robotic Fish with iPhone/iPad Control
PartnerSchool:The Science and Medicine Middle School,Crispus Attucks Elementary School
Partner Teacher:Sean Nadel, Woody Laguer, Donna Johnson
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Under the guidance of Prof. Maurizio Porfiri, Raymond is developing an underwater robotic fish capable of being controlled by an iPhone/iPad application. The project is a cooperative venture between NYU-Poly and the New York Aquarium involving an exhibit containing several robotic fish. The activity enhances the aquarium experience while participants learn multiple new concepts in biology and animal behavior. Using iPhone/iPad devices and other exhibit controls, engaged youngsters can control a robot fish or even a small school of fish to experiment with how fish function and interact with their environment. This will also provide an opportunity for the participant to mimic what he or she has observed in the big tank of live fish. This robotic experience will help the public better understand live fish, aquatic environments, engineering, robotics, and marine science. This research will also give insight into the process of how people learn, as well as a better understanding of human-device interaction.

Integration in The Class Room

Many students in school today already have experience with and interest in using cutting edge technology, including robotics and mobile devices like the iPhone. Yet many of the students lack some understanding of the mathematical and physical principles behind technology, even on a basic level. By using NXT robotics, as well as other technologies like iPhone/iPad devices, Raymond helps students to become interested in and gain a deeper understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. He does this by giving weekly classes at both a Brooklyn Elementary and Middle School. In addition, Raymond serves as a coach for the FIRST Lego League afterschool robotics program at both schools.

1 - AMPS Fellow; 2 - CBRI Fellow