Akim FaisalAkim Faisal

MS. (2nd year) , Mechanical Engineering

Year in graduate program: 2nd year
Research Topic:Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Partner School: PS 628 Brownstone, PS 5 Dr.Ronald E.McNair
Partner Teacher: Miriam Madison-Balfour, Cherubim Cannon
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Under the guidance of Prof. George Vradis,Akim is working on a computer aided simulation software called ANSYS FLUENT to model the flow of non Newtonian fluid flow over a geometry known as the backward facing step. The backward facing step has been the subject of study in Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD) in the last few decades. Much literature exists in the Newtonian flow behavior of this geometry. The motivation in this research study lies in the absence of literature in the transient flow of non Newtonian fluid flow over a backward facing step. Furthermore, Akim is working on two types of non Newtonian flow: a power law and a Herschel Bulkley fluid, both these fluids show a non linear physical property, the viscosity. As a result, the flow field is fairly complex which give rise to convergence issues due to the non linear nature of the equations that govern the flow. His goal is to generate different MESH for the different types of non Newtonian fluid in order to obtain a well converged solution .


Integration in The Class Room

Akim integrates his research in 3rd,4th, and 5th grade science, math, and technology classrooms as well as an afterschool robotics program. He has engaged students to learn about the various importance of robotics in the 21st century. He has also shown the importance of robotics in the field of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering field where all industrial applications rely heavily on robotics. Akim has allowed students to explore different types of fluid properties such as density and viscosity of fluid through the use of sensors and actuators. Such interaction allow students to gain a wide array of knowledge in a specific discipline of Mechanical Engineering at a fundamental level for students to both learn and enjoy in classroom.   


1 - AMPS Fellow; 2 - CBRI Fellow