Financial Markets and Corporate Finance Track

The Financial Markets and Corporate Finance track focuses on how to structure, value, market and apply complex financial products in expanding global financial markets. You will learn to wield sophisticated trading and risk management strategies and engineer solutions to the host of financial problems faced by today’s institutions. As a student in this track, you will learn a diverse array of skills to prepare you for wide-ranging positions in corporate financial analysis, financial planning, financial consulting, asset management, management consulting, private equity value creation and global financial advisory and foreign exchange trading.

Graduates of the Financial Markets and Corporate Finance Track are expected to seek positions in financial management groups, on trading and arbitrage desks, in product structuring groups, in derivatives groups, in investment banking departments and in the information-technology firms that support the trading operations of financial institutions.

Required to Complete the Financial Engineering MS program:

  • 5 core courses, each 3 credits totaling 15 credits
  • Track-required courses totaling 7.5 credits
  • 1 required applied lab worth 1.5 credits
  • 6 credits of electives
  • 1 capstone experience of 3 credits
  • Capstone assessment (0 credits)
  • Bloomberg Certification (0 credits)

Total # of credits: 33

Track-Required Course:

Download the FRE-GY 6273 syllabus

3 of the Following Courses:

Download the FRE-GY 6361 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 6411 syllabus

Watch the video to learn more about the Global Finance course:

FRE 6671 Global Finance - Professor Charles Tapiero

Recommended Electives (6 credits):

Download the FRE-GY 6111 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 6211 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 6291 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 6371 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 6571 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 7801 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 7821 syllabus

Download the FRE-GY 7831 syllabus

Recommended Lab: