Welcome to the web-enabled mechatronics/process control laboratory of the Mechanical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY. Follow the instructions given on this page and access the web links as described below to remotely operate/monitor various mechatronics/process control experimental hardware available in our laboratory. New links will be added at this site as control panels and 3D-animation are developed to facilitate remote access to additional laboratory hardware.

Before you can access any of the laboratory hardware through these web pages you must first download certain java plugins. To do this, click on .

  • Live video stream is now available for direct current motor, flexible link, magnetic levitation, remote control car, and two tank experiments
  • Movies added for experiments: DC Motor, Flexible Link, Level Control, Magnetic Levitation, Water Tank, Rotary Inverted Pendulum, and Shaker Table

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