Mobile Robot Resources - Links to robots research, education, and vendors on the Internet.

Standard Technologies of the Seattle Robotics Society - Online guide intended to help readers build a simple robot.

Personal Robotics News Online Edition - Online articles and resources on recent robotic technology advancements.

Robohoo! - Search engine to find robot information.

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) - Non-profit organization whose mission is to generate interest in science and engineering among today's youth.

KISS Institute for Practical Robotics - A private non-profit community-based organization that works with all ages to provide improved learning and skills development through the application of technology, particularly robotics.

Lego Projects

Need for a Less "Virtual" Laboratory - Web site describing a Lego automated car factory.

Computer-Controlled LEGO Factory - Web site describing a computer controlled Lego car factory.

LEGO links of Linda Hamilton - Links to various web site of Lego operated projects.

LEGO DACTA Candy Factory Project - Web site describing a Lego DACTA candy factory project.

Control Society Resources

Control Theory and Engineering Links from Theorem.Net - Links to control theory resources, journals, and conferences.

Control Engineering Virtual Library - Links to International control web sites.

Control Systems Society - Control Systems Society home page.

Online Instruction

Online Data Acquisition and Remote Control - Collection of Web-based experiments designed to use the Internet as the primary means to control real "hands-on" devices and equipment used in science and engineering.

Internet Controls Project - Links to Java applets pertaining to control applications.

John Hopkins University, Signals Systems Control - Web site demonstrating basic concepts in signal processing.

Virtual Content Lab - Online tutorial demonstrating Plugin that interfaces web browsers with Matlab.

Online Classrooms

Classroom Connect - Web site that develops original, web-based curriculum products and professional development programs for K-12 educators

Web Tools for Learning - One-stop resource for university instructors interested in the World Wide Web as a teaching tool.

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