Rapidly increasing knowledge of the molecular biology of the cell has led to bioinformatics, a new discipline that transforms traditional biology into an information science. The School of Engineering's Master of Science in Bioinformatics program prepares students to manage and study data from the explosion of information from next generation sequencing technologies. The program meets industry's demand for professionals with solid foundations in next generation sequence and pathway analysis.

Graduates from our master’s in bioinformatics program are well prepared to take advantage of the data explosion created by next generation sequencing technologies.

As a student in the program, you’ll be able to take advantage of our flexible curriculum and web-based training tools and instruction. You’ll get the fundamental background to manage and create analysis pipelines from next generation sequencing data .

The program will help you develop a depth of knowledge that comes from practical application of computational skills to solve and gain insight into biological problems. With the skills to apply your knowledge to analyze next generation sequence data, you will be prepared to take part in the personalized medicine revolution.

This program is also offered online.