Each summer, members of the School of Engineering faculty open up their labs to allow NYU School of Engineering, NYU CAS/SOE 3+2 and NYU Abu Dhabi rising junior and senior undergraduate students 10 weeks of hands-on research under faculty mentorship. Students work full time in the labs with their faculty mentors and other mentors on research topics while also participating in seminars presented by distinguished personnel. In addition, research presentations and poster sessions are held in which students have the opportunity to present their research to peoples of all disciplines and backgrounds. At the end of the program, abstracts of the research are published and presented to incoming students during Undergraduate Orientation. Abstracts from previous years' programs are available below.

The UG Summer Research Program was initiated in 2007 and its success has been made possible by the financial support from the School’s most loyal and generous donors as well as supplements from the Office of Undergraduate Academics and research grants of the mentoring faculty.

Highlights of past programs include:

Application Process

The Undergraduate Summer Research program is open to all NYU School of Engineering, NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU CAS/SOE 3+2 rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a GPA of 3.0 or above. At the beginning of the spring semester, the Office of Undergraduate Academics emails the faculty research projects and any special requirements student researchers must have (i.e. lab experience, specific completed coursework, minimum GPA) to all Tandon students. NYU AD and NYU 3+2 students receive this information from their program coordinators. Students then fill out the application, including a short statement of intent, a resume, and an unofficial transcript in which they may apply for up to three different projects if they so choose. The faculty then review applications and select the student researcher that best fits their researching needs. Selected students will work full-time (35 hours per week) on a paid basis on one project. Please note that students are not allowed to take courses or hold another job that will interfere with this full-time committment.

If you have any questions or concerns, email uga.engineering@nyu.edu.

Note: Students from outside universities can participate by way of the Summer Research Program for College Juniors, if eligible.

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Learn more about the Undergraduate Summer Research Program by browsing the abstracts of the work completed over the past summers. The abstracts represent the culmination of over 350 hours of focused research, the full extent of which is presented in a poster session every year during Undergraduate Orientation.