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The clicker is a handheld student response device that gives your professor instant feedback about student responses to in‐class questions and quizzes.

Using clickers in class means that

  • You stay engaged
  • You can participate more actively in class
  • Professors can review or focus on the areas where students are unclear
  • You get a heads up on what you know and don’t know so well

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All incoming freshmen and new transfer students will receive a clicker device and a 1-year ResponseWare license, regardless of your major or the classes you are taking. The device is yours to keep and will be used in many of your classes at the School of Engineering. Take care not to lose it!

If you did not receive a clicker as a new student and your professor has informed you that you will be using clickers in class, you may borrow a clicker from the FITL Center for a semester at a time. Bring your class schedule and your student ID to LC 444 to make arrangements to borrow a clicker.

In addition, if you expect to use clickers in many of your classes, you may be interested in purchasing one to keep. Individual clickers may be purchased through the Turning Technologies Student Store. Please contact for information about ordering from the store.

Registering your Clicker

Once you have received your clicker, it will need to be registered in NYU Classes. This lets your professor know that you are participating in clicker activities and can help you if you lose your clicker.

If you received a ResponseWare license, you must activate your license by creating an account.

Steps for Registering Your Clicker and ResponseWare

Pre-existing Clickers

If you have a clicker from high school or another university, please contact to determine if your device model is compatible with the clickers in use at the School of Engineering.

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Tandon uses the ResponseCard RF LCD clicker device, which communicates through radio frequency. It is lightweight, compact in size and has a range of 250 feet.

In class, your professor will use this clicker technology to pose questions and you can enter a response on your clicker. The professor can also use the student response system to take class attendance.

The clicker is powered by two coin-cell CR2032 (3.0V) lithium batteries. The average battery life is 6 to 12 months. After that time, you will need to purchase replacement batteries. These batteries can be purchased at low cost from electronics retailers like Best Buy and Target, as well as drug stores like Duane Reade, Walgreens, or CVS.

The Student Guide provides detailed information about how clickers are used at the School of Engineering and what to do if you encounter any difficulty with your clicker.

Student Guide

The Student Guide also provides specific information for accessing and using ResponseWare to respond to polls using your mobile device or laptop.

ResponseWare Guide

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Technical Support

For any issue you have with your clicker, whether it be lost, broken or anything else, the first thing to do is notify your professor. If you do not, your responses may not be counted in a response poll. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, consult the Student Guide.

Lost Clickers

You should notify your professor immediately. After letting them know that your clicker was lost, please stop by our office (LC 444, inside Dibner Library) with a debit or credit card to order your replacement clicker. The ordering process is completed online, so please do not bring cash. We will provide a temporary clicker you can use in class until your new one arrives.

Clickers Not Working

If your clicker is not working properly, you should notify your professor immediately.

Solutions to possible clicker trouble:

  • Wrong RF channel: read the Student Guide for information on how to set the radio frequency channel on your clicker
  • Dead battery: If you have had your clicker for less than 12 months, visit LC 444 to get a replacement battery. If you have had it for more than 12 months, purchase replacement batteries.
  • Broken clicker: email for technical support

Directions to FITL/LC 444

Enter Dibner Library on the 3rd floor. Take the inside stairs to the upper level and walk to the right. You will see a door marked 444 in the corner.


Student Guide

Mobile Polling with ResponseWare

Steps for Registering Your Clicker and ResponseWare

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