Dynamical Systems Lab

Horace Walcott and Brian Lam

Much of this week was spent improving and troubleshooting the laboratory apparatus for our experiment, due to not having received our materials at this time. We printed a mold for the replica fish, but it did not have enough width, and the fins of the model were not resolved. An improved mold should be printed on Monday. We have begun cutting exoskeletons to place into the molded replicas, but may or may not use them based on the material properties of the replica. The replica was tested on servo motors using both the BASIC Stamp and Arduino microcontrollers. The flow chamber was also tested. Live fish were placed in the flow chamber with a vertical rod acting as a bluff body, and video was captured from below the fish. The fish videos were separated into individual frames, and each collection of frames has been processed using MATLAB software to track the fish’s movement and body shape. There were some issues with the contrast between the fish and its surroundings, but the experimental setup has been improved for future use, and the majority of data collection will hopefully be completed next week.

Image description

Figure: A fish replica attached to the Arduino servo motor.