July 16, 2015, Day 9:

Lauren Schulman and Tchnavia Merrick

Today we started the entrepreneurship module with speaker Dr. Paul Russo. We began by learning about various business models including the lean canvas model and the business canvas model. We then had guest speaker Dr. Peter Morales teach us about the difference between the agile methodology and the waterfall method used in the past. The agile method allows for much more flexibility in designing a product since you are able to go back and modify your idea, whereas the waterfall methodology does not allow you to make revisions easily. Overall, for any method or model used, there must be a need for the product or service and a target market. Following the morning session, we met as a group at lunch to discuss ideas for startup entrepreneurial businesses that we would later develop further during our group exercise. After lunch we learned about social entrepreneurship and also social media for startups. The social media segment was led by Mr. Jeff Laut, who is working on the Atlantis Project. Next, we broke off into our groups and worked on our business startup models using the lean canvas or the business canvas. Lastly, we pitched our ideas to the rest of the class and received feedback on our startup businesses.

Figure: The Lean Canvas Model

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