July 8, 2015, Day 3:

Lauren Schulman and Cathy Xiong

The third day began with a group lecture introducing the operating principles and the applications of diodes, LEDs, and seven-segment display. Circuit models were demonstrated. We then worked with our team members to explore the activities in the manual "What is a Microcontroller". We completed the activities in Chapter 2 and 6. Examples of the activities we did were building and testing the LED circuit, on/off control with the BASIC Stamp, counting and repeating, building and testing a second LED circuit, using current direction to control a bi-color LED, building and testing the 7-segment LED display.

The afternoon activity started by a lecture on the operating principle of digital inputs, namely pushbuttons, and we spent the rest of the day exploring the activities in Chapter 3. We ended the day by completing a project where we had to create a people counter that recorded the number of students who entered and exited a building. The skills that we learned in the earlier activities enabled us to solve this problem.

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