The MCRL COVID-19 Engineering & Design Task Force gratefully acknowledges the time, effort, and support provided by the following individuals. On behalf of their companies they supplied us various parts, components, assemblies, etc., on a very short turn around time.

  • Jared Ernst (Engineer), Kevin Hemann (V.P. Sales), Brad Korte (V.P. Engineering), Bill Sullivan (President), Highland Machine -- Negative Pressure Salon Hood
  • Sergio Gonzalez, Glasfloss Industries -- HEPA Filter
  • Alex Mar (President/Co-Owner), Help Medical Supplies -- CPAP/BiPAP and fluid circuit supplies
  • Sebastian Jasterzebski, -- Heliox Tank and Oxygen Helium Gas Analyzer

Moreover, the MCRL gratefully acknowledges the support of Chandrika Tandon, Chair of the Tandon Board of Overseers.