To graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Digital Media,  you need to complete 120 credits distributed among the required and elective courses listed below.

All Digital Media (DM) courses are offered as studios in which you will be expected to produce finished projects of professional quality under the guidance of active digital media practitioners who are informed by a powerful understanding of the creative and critical context of their work. The School of Engineering provides top-quality equipment and facilities. You will be expected to obtain and maintain your own laptop computer (consult the department for current specifications) as well as basic peripherals and consumables. In general, digital-media production calls for teamwork and a willingness to produce innovative, high-quality work.

Required Courses

Digital Media Core (42 Credits Minimum)
  • DM-UY 1113 Audio Foundation Studio, 3 credits
  • DM-UY 1123 Visual Foundation Studio, 3 credits
  • DM-UY 1133 Creative Coding, 3 credits
  • DM-UY 1143 Ideation and Prototyping, 3 credits
  • DM-UY 2193 Intro to Web Development, 3 credits
  • DM-UY 2263 Still and Moving Images, 3 credits
  • DM-UY 4173 Professional Practices for Creatives, 3 credits
  • DM-UY 4003 Senior Project in Digital Media, 3 credits
  • DM 2/3/4XXX DM Studio Electives or DM 4034 Internship, 18 credits
Math, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (60 Credits)
  • EG 1001 Engineering and Technology Forum, 1 credit
  • EXPOS-UA 1 Writing the Essay, 4 credits
  • EXPOS-UA 2 The Advanced College Essay, 4 credits
  • MCC-UE 0001 Introduction to Media Studies or
    MCC-UE 0003 History of Media & Communication
  • MCC-UE XXXX**  
  • MD-UY 2314 Interactive Narrative, 4 credits
  • PH-UY 1213 Motion and Sound, 3 credits
  • PH-UY 1223 Electricity and Light, 3 credits
  • CS-UY 1114 Intro to Programming & Problem Solving, 3 credits
  • MA-UY 2414 Basic Practice of Statistics, 4 credits
  • Choose additional math, science, humanities, and social sciences courses in consultation with Integrated Digital Media's Academic Advisor, 27 credits
**Select one course from either of the following field of studies (with the EXCEPTION of MCC-UE 1029 New Media Research Studio; MCC-UE 1031 Digital Media Theory and Practice; MCC-UE 1033 Critical Making; and MCC-UE 1585 Creative Coding):
  • Technology and Society or
  • Interaction and Social Processes

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Free Electives (18 Credits)
18 credits of free electives

Minor in Integrated Digital Media

The minor in Integrated Digital Media is intended for students interested in developing their knowledge and practical skills in and around digital media production technology. As with the BS degree in Integrated Digital Media, courses provide theoretical context and also teach hands-on production expertise in various areas, such as digital filmmaking, web design, 3D graphics, game design, and digital audio. This minor is valuable for students who want to seize their own means of production in their primary fields, allowing them to design, create, and publish media content within the intellectual context of digital media in the 21st century.

The IDM minor requires a minimum of 15 credits in DM classes:
3 credits in Audio or Visual Foundation Studio
12 credits of DM courses at the 1/2/3/4XXX level