Knowing which chances to take in today’s sophisticated financial marketplace requires the ability to analyze the risks behind the rewards.

At the School of Engineering, the Certificate in Financial Technology Management program addresses this very need. With a curriculum that bridges financial theory and real-world practice, our students learn to apply enterprise risk management strategies to the financial services sector.

This certificate is ideal for financial technology professionals seeking a transition into IT management careers. But for those seeking a broader range of career opportunities, the School of Engineering also offers a Certificate program in Financial Engineering.

Professional Opportunities

With a Certificate in Financial Technology Management, you can pursue a fast-moving, highly rewarding career at investment and commercial banks, corporate treasury offices, and government agencies. Your services will also be in demand at consulting firms, risk management teams, and other modern financial institutions.

Admission Requirements

You must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution to be considered for admission. You are expected to have superior mathematical talent. Students with degrees in non-financial-related disciplines may be admitted, at the discretion of departmental advisers. You are also required to take the GRE (GMAT can be substituted, but GRE is strongly preferred) and are expected to have knowledge of spreadsheets. The following prerequisites are also required:

  • Calculus - MA 1124 or equivalent
  • Probability and statistics - MA 2212 and MA 2222 or equivalent
  • Linear algebra - MA 2012 or equivalent
  • Financial accounting: FRE 6003 or equivalent
  • Economics: FIN 2003 or equivalent
  • Exposure to computer-programming languages

Program Director