Industrial Engineering, MS: NYU-ePoly

Industrial engineers are key professionals who explore how industrial systems work and spearhead effective and efficient delivery of quality products and services. In this online Master’s program in Industrial Engineering, you learn to exploit analytic modeling, system simulation, queuing systems, work design, project planning, facilities design and quality management and control, practices that are fast becoming essential in global industry.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements for this program are parallel to the on-campus requirements. Click here, to view the admissions requirements.

Required Core Courses (12 credits)

IE 6113 Quality Control and Improvement, Credits: 3.00
IE 6213 Facility Planning and Design, Credits: 3.00
IE 6823 Factory Simulation, Credits: 3.00
MN 7893 Production Science, Credits: 3.00

9 Credits with Either IE or MN Designation Elective (course selection optional)

IE 6193 Production Planning and Control, Credits: 3.00
MN 7503 Target Costing, Credits: 3.00
MN 7873 Lean Manufacturing, Credits: 3.00
MN 7923 Design For Manufacturability, Credits: 3.00
MN 7953 Basics of Supply Chain Operations Management, Credits: 3.00
MN 7963 Electronics System Manufacturing, Credits: 3.00

Elective 9 Credits

Please speak with your academic advisor for qualifying courses.

Degree Requirements: 30 Credits