The Department of Technology, Culture and Society (TCS) supports research and educational programs that investigate how technology and science shape – and are shaped by – broader social and cultural issues. Our faculty use humanities and social science perspectives and methods to examine critical questions about the role of technology and science in ethics, art, city building, and other domains.

We offer interdisciplinary BS degree programs in Integrated Digital Media (IDM), Science and Technology Studies (STS), and Sustainable Urban Environments (SUE). In addition, we offer a Master of Science degree in Integrated Digital Media. These programs give students the knowledge to understand and engage with the technological and scientific society and culture in which they live and the skills that will lead to successful and rewarding careers. This program combines high-end production classes in media with research-grade investigation of new tools, techniques, and practices. 

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The Department of Technology, Culture and Society offers elective courses in the humanities and social sciences to meet the General Education requirement for undergraduate students. The cluster curriculum helps today’s engineers and scientists make thoughtful decisions about the values that are implicit in technological options, to understand how human see themselves and the natural and social worlds, to think critically, and to communicate effectively.

Department Chair: Professor Jonathan Soffer

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