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Machine Learning (ML)

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PROGRAM LENGTH Two-week summer program
Monday–Friday, 9 am-4 pm
ELIGIBILITY Must be Age 14+ the day program begins (minimum 15 years old for housing)
Must have completed Algebra 2 or equivalent and have some programming experience

$2500 tuition
$100 events fee
$610 for optional housing and approximately $370 for meal plan packages
*Unfortunately scholarships and financial aid are not available for this program at this time

50% due (1) week of acceptance to hold your spot and the balance due (1) week before your session start date.

Tuition deposit is non-refundable.

*International Students - Please note there are additional fees associated with your visa process. Please refer to the Office of Global Services for details

NYU Tandon's summer program for Machine Learning introduces students to computer science, data analyses, mathematical techniques, and logic that drive the fields of machine learningand artificial intelligence. The program is open to high school students who have successfully completed Algebra 2 or equivalent and have had some programming experience in any language. Lessons cover fundamental knowledge behind video and image recognition technologies; interactive voice controls for homes; autonomous vehicles; real-time monitoring and traffic control; cutting-edge diagnostic medical technologies, and other technologies that are a part of our daily lives.


Students learn core principles in ML such as model development through cross-validation, linear regressions, and neural networks. Participants will develop an understanding of how logic and mathematics are applied both to "teach" a computer to perform specific tasks on its own and to improve continuously at doing so along the way. A strong emphasis is put on students learning the principles of engineering problem-solving, and how these techniques can be used to tackle societal challenges.

Important Dates

2023 Program Dates

  • December 15 – Application Opens
  • April 20 – Application Closes
  • Session One – Orientation June 16(via Zoom):Program June 20 – June 30
  • Session Two – Orientation July 7(via Zoom):Program July 10 – July 21
  • Session Three – OrientationJuly 28(via Zoom):Program July 31 – August 11

My most favourite experience of attending this program was to get a taste of what goes on inside NYU and basically exposing myself to coding and all the possibilities if I pursue engineering/coding later in my life

Related Research

The Machine Learning program is an ongoing collaboration among Tandon faculty developing cutting-edge ML applications including Profs. Ludovic Righetti, Elza Erkip, Siddharth Garg and Chinmay Hegde


ML Keywords: Data Banks, Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Sensors, Physical Computing, Microcontrollers, Circuitry, Electronics, Coding, Computational Analytics, Simulations


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