Laptop and Desktop Support

Information Systems provides support for all Institute desktop and laptop computers. We also provide laptop support for enrolled students.

Since 2000, the School of Engineering has required all of its students to have laptops. To view this years' laptop and software requirements, take a moment to read the Laptop Requirement Guide.

Laptop Support for Brooklyn Campus

  • Install software and troubleshoot issues related to installed applications
  • Troubleshoot hardware issues such as data recovery and transfer, external devices, and part replacement
  • Troubleshoot network issues related to access (wired and wireless), connectivity, dial-up, etc.
  • Recommend hardware and software
  • Answer how-to questions and provide assistance in utilizing services we offer
  • (laptop help desk location and hours)

Desktop Services for Brooklyn Campus

  • Setup and configuration new machines
  • Resolve network connectivity issues
  • Setup and troubleshoot issues with peripherals, e.g., printer, scanner, monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • Setup and troubleshoot issues related with e-mail clients, e.g., Outlook, Eudora
  • Troubleshoot issues related to installed applications
  • Remove viruses
  • Replace parts purchased with IS’s recommendation
  • Install the School of Engineering or department-purchased software
  • (help desk location, hours, and contact info)