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Please use this form to request an email sent to the Tandon community. Requests for mass e-mails should be received by at least two business days prior to the requested send date for approval and processing.

If your email contains multiple images and text formatting, you may email it to instead, but please be sure to include all the requested information in the form.

Best Practices to follow when creating your email:
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Avoid including important information in an image.
  • Use a subject line that clearly defines the purpose of the email.
  • Use formatting tools (like bullets and headings) to organize long text into easy-to-read chunks.
  • Avoid the phrase “click here” when creating a hyperlink.
  • Avoid sending attachments as they take up more disk space and degrade server performance. Consider posting files to a University hosted website and then providing a link to the file.

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