Identity Style Guide

This online guide is a condensed version of the full Style Guide, which includes information on logo usage on materials such as stationery, advertising, banners and posters.

While this guide is intended for planning future communications, we ask that the new NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering identity not be used in external communications until we are fully merged on January 1, 2014 unless you have been previously granted permission by marketing and communications.

Our Name

Following is a guide on how to use our new name in written communication.

What Was Is Now
Polytechnic Institute of New York University NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
Usage: Formal documents issued from the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
NYU-Poly NYU School of Engineering or School of Engineering

Usage: Second instance in article, paragraph, etc. for public view, or to internal and external audiences, e.g., correspondence to research partner at another institution. And all subsequent mentions in article, paragraph, etc. for public view; anywhere

Note: If "Polytechnic" is used, it must be used in conjunction with NYU, example: "NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering."

Shortening it is allowed in two ways:

"NYU School of Engineering"
(Allowed in a formal or external document as a second mention)


"School of Engineering"
(Allowed in a less formal setting [web, social media] where the context of NYU is already implied).

"Poly" is no longer in use



Sample Stationery

See Stationery Specification for more details, including specifications for business cards and envelopes.


To establish the full identity of our school, the logo should be used in its official, unaltered official form, i.e., do not stretch, change colors, enlarge to the point of pixilation, manually type the letterforms, or otherwise modify the logo.

Note: If more than one school is mentioned, use the NYU logo instead of displaying the logos of multiple schools.

Please review Visual Identity Guidelines before using our logo. See File Usage for information for appropriate file formats to use.

Long White

( This is a white logo with no background )

New York University Logo

Before using the NYU logo, please learn about its usage from NYU's University Identity and Style Guide.

Please contact a member of the Marketing and Communications Department if you have questions about an element or proper usage of the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Style Guide