Mgavi  Elombe Brathwaite

Mgavi Elombe Brathwaite

Program Manager Bioinformatics

Graduate Center For Proffesional Studies


I have a combined twenty years experience in bioinformatics and genomics.  My expertise is in Sequence Analysis. After working at DNAStar, the Columbia Univ. Genome Center, Regeneron, the IBM Watson Center for Computational Biology, and the National Institutes of Health-National Institute on Aging, I joined NYU-Polytechnic University to manage the Masters in Bioinformatics program. I lecture on Perl with BioPerl, Next Generation Sequence Analysis, and Structural Bioinformatics.

My focus is on using R with BioConductor, Perl with BioPerl, and MySQL along with applicable algorithms to set up analysis pipelines of Next Generation Sequencing data.

I have a BS in Chemistry from Lincoln University, an MS in Plant Biotechnology from Tuskegee University.