Ilan   Juran

Ilan Juran

Professor, Executive Director

Urban Infrastructure Institute


Prof. Juran’s expertise covers areas of interest related to urban infrastructure engineering and innovative technologies for upgrading infrastructure performance, lifecycle extension and resiliency. He earned his Doctorate of Engineering, in 1977, and Doctorate Es Science from the University of Paris VI, in 1987. Prof. Juran's research was summarized in more than seventy refereed publications, technical papers and books. Prof. Juran is the Executive Director of W-SMART, the International Security Alliance of Water Utilities established in the aftermath of 9/11 to promote cooperation among European, Canadian, American and Israeli water utilities for upgrading security management capabilities. He is presently the Secretary of the Specialists Group on Water Safety & Security Management of IWA and the Associate Editor of the International Journal on Water Technology & Science published by IWA. In January 2010 Prof. Juran has been awarded the International Chair of Urban Engineering at the University of Lille.

From1990 to 1998, as Head of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, the prime responsibilities of Professor Juran included development of educational programs and research initiatives relevant to the urban infrastructure priority needs. For this purpose Professor Juran participated as a co-founder in the creation of several Urban Research Centers, including: The Urban ITS Center, the Urban Utility Center, The Construction Management Technology Center, and a National Science Foundation funded Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems with NYU School of Public Administration, These centers have created the core network of the Urban Infrastructure Institute, which was established with the support of local governments, infrastructure agencies, and the NYC utilities.

As the Executive Director of the Urban Infrastructure Institute and its Utility Center Prof. Juran’s R&D projects have involved demonstration and assessment of infrastructure technology olutions in a variety of emerging fields, including: waste recycling for polymeric construction composites; seismic retrofitting; infrastructure asset management; infrastructure rehabilitation technologies; post-disaster urban recovery; and water safety and security, working with the city infrastructure agencies and utilities on field assessment and demonstration of innovative technologies for NYC underground Infrastructure rehabilitation projects. 

Journal Articles

  • Kormornik and Juran, “Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composit Under Vertical Loads,” Transportation Research Board, Paper No. 05-1533, Washington DC, 2005.
  • Book Chapter, FOREVER – Foundations Reinforced Vertically, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausses, Paris, France 2006.
  • Jafar, Shahnoor, and Juran, “Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Modeling the Structural Degradation in Water Distribution Systems,” Paper No. 6010983, IWA International Conference, 2006.
  • Vanrenterghem-Raven A., Eisenbeis P., Juran I., S. Christodoulou (2003). « Statistical Modeling of the Structural Degradation of an Urban Water Distribution System»: Case Study of New York City ». World Water and Environmental Resources Congress, June 23–26, 2003, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Jafar, R., Shahrour, I., Juran, I., Verhaeghe, P., (2005), " Utilisation du Réseau de Neurones Artificiels pour la Modélisation de la Dégradation Structurale des Systèmes de Distribution d'Eau", Conférence international WATMED 2, Marrakech, Maroc14-17 Novemebr 2005


University of Paris VI, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees

Doctor of Science,

University of Paris VI, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees

Doctor of Philosophy,

Technion ( Israel)

Bachelor of Science,

Research Interests

  • Geotechnical Infrastructure Engineering
  • Urban Infrastructure Monitoring & Engineering 
  • Urban Utility Monitring & Systems Management
  • Water Security Technology & decision Support Systems
  • Soil Improvement Technologies
  • In-Situ Soil Testing
  • Geosynthesis Engineering