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David Pine

David Pine

Professor and Department Chair

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


I am interested in soft mesoscopic materials, including colloids, emulsions, polymers, surfactant solutions, non-Brownian suspensions, and gels. I have used and developed light scattering techniques, especially multiple light scattering (duffusing-wave spectroscopy) to study the structure and dynamics of colloids and other materials.  My current research covers a variety of topics, including self assembly, DNA-coated colloids, colloidal swimmers, lock-and-key colloids, random organization, and colloidal glasses.

Journal Articles

(selcted recent)

Dynamics of non-Brownian fiber suspensions under periodic shear. A Franceschini, E Filippidi, E Guazzelli and D J Pine, Soft Matter 10, 6722-6731 (2014).

A microscopic view of the yielding transition in concentrated emulsions.  E D Knowlton, D J Pine and L Cipelletti, Soft Matter 10, 6931-6940 (2014).

Shaping colloids for self-assembly. S Sacanna, M Korpics, K Rodriguez, L Colón-Meléndez, S-H Kim, D J Pine and G-R Yi, Nature Communications 4, 1688 (2013).

Living Crystals of Light-Activated Colloidal Surfers. J Palacci, S Sacanna, A S Steinberg, D J Pine and P M Chaikin, Science 339, 936–940 (2013).

Colloids with valence and specific directional bonding. Y Wang, Y Wang, D R Breed, V N Manoharan, L Feng, A D Hollingsworth, M Weck and D J Pine, Nature 491, 51–55 (2012).


Cornell University

PhD, Physics


New York University

Chair of CBE Department (since 2014), Silver Professor of Physics

From: January 2005 to present

University of California Santa Barbara

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Materials

From: September 1995 to January 2005

Exxon Research & Engineering Company

Staff Physicist

From: January 1990 to August 1995

Haverford College

Assistant Professor of Physics

From: August 1984 to December 1989