Cyber-Security Recruiters

The CSAW Career Fair will provide recruiters with a unique and convenient opportunity to meet with a large group of diverse, bright, and motivated cyber-security students from the School of Engineering and beyond. Nearly 100 of the top security students in the US and Canada will be brought to CSAW as finalists, and will attend the career fair. In addition, the students in the School of Engineering's highly rated cyber-security program, as well as other NY Metro area university cyber security programs, will be invited to attend CSAW and participate in the career fair. Attending the career fair is an excellent way for organizations to gain visibility as a choice employer for cyber security experts and to maximize recruiting potential with this in-demand audience. Employers with full-time or internship opportunities in cyber security are encouraged to attend. Those without immediate openings, but wishing to build their brand within the industry are also welcome. Resumes of students registered for the career fair will be provided to recruiters in advance, and must include at least two security related courses to be accepted.

Recruiter participation is limited to organizations that are sponsors of CSAW. See for more information.