Rogers Hall Restrooms


Extensive renovations to the 1st floor ladies' room and the 4th floor ladies' and men's rooms in Rogers Hall were completed in February 2011. The initial renovations included an upgrade of the plumbing infrastructure for the entire stack of restrooms in Rogers Hall to facilitate future renovations.  The 1st and 4th floor restroom renovations jumpstarted the ongoing efforts to update restrooms building-wide. The restroom renovations continue with the 3rd floor men's and ladies' rooms; Construction began in late-December and is expected to be complete by the end of July 2013.

The renovated restrooms are fully accessible and feature:

  • High-efficiency fixtures that significantly conserve water - the replacement of the old fixtures is expected to reduce water usage by 75% for faucets, between 20%-63% for toilets, and up to 87% for urinals;
  • Touch-free automated flushing mechanisms on toilets, and touch-free faucets to help promote a clean and hygienic environment;
  • Occupancy-controlled lighting fixtures and high-efficiency hand dryers and water heaters that are expected to result in measurable energy savings; and
  • Sleek design elements, durable materials and contemporary color schemes.