ITEST Materials

ITest Slides and Presentation Videos

Lesson 1 Introduction

Lesson 2 Robots in the Industry

Lesson 3 Chassis

Lesson 4 Basic Electronics

Lesson 5 Introduction to Arduino

Lesson 6 Actuation

Lesson 7 Robot Dynamics

Lesson 8 Basic Arduino Programming

Lesson 9 Drive Mechanism

Lesson 10 3D Printing and MakerSpace

Lesson 11 CAD Modelling and 3D Printing

Lesson 12 Arduino Advanced Programming I

Lesson 13 Arduino Advanced Programming II

Lesson 14 Arduino Session Digital Analog Input

Lesson 15 Sensors

Lesson 16 Robot Links and Joints

Lesson 17 Grippers and End Effectors

Lesson 18 Robotics Challenge Line Follower Robot