Project Overview

The Promoting Robotic Design and Entrepreneurship ITEST project at NYU Tandon School of Engineering provides an experiential learning opportunity to high school teachers and students. Funded by the Division of Research On Learning of the National Science Foundation, under its Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers program, this project aims to enhance education in high school classrooms by providing professional development (PD) to teachers and educational enrichment to their students in robotic design and entrepreneurship. The project design adapts features from evidence-based research on project-based learning (PBL), robotics and entrepreneurship in K-12 STEM education, social cognitive career theory, and effective PD guidelines embedded in a professional learning community (PLC). Experts in robotics, entrepreneurship, curriculum design, and assessment-with experience in K-12 education and training-have formed an interdisciplinary team to transform students’ roles from technology consumers to novel technological product creators.